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HELP playschool teachers


HELP playschool teachers
Hi there, I need some help from those who teach young children. Tomorrow I have to go to my daughter īs school (she is 5 years old) and I have to tell them about my job and I am supposed to do an activity. The fact is that I kow what to do with teenagers but with such young children I īm completely lost. Could you give me some ideas please? I was thinking of teaching them a nursery rhyme, but how do I do it? Do I play the CD and sing along?

Thanks a million

24 Apr 2014      

manonski (f)

When I read a book or present a song, I start by making posters/flashcards of the keywords. As I read my story, I place the flashcards on the board. 

If it īs a song, I then practice with the students and teach the gestures if there are any. We practice with the music a couple of times.

My students have scrapbooks. I give them a sheet with the miniatures of the keywords and I ask them to copy the words by looking at the posters. We paste the sheet in the scrapbook. Most of the time, I add an extra activity that I do the next class.  For example, if I read a book about winter, I īll prepare an extra sheet that will present the other seasons. But it can also be a sequencing of the story for me to check if they understand.   It usually takes me 2-3 periods to do all that.

If you have a book or a story in mind, I can check if I have the material to help you.  Just pm me.

24 Apr 2014