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ESL forum > Ask for help > No ID card in the UK?    

No ID card in the UK?


No ID card in the UK?
Hi everybody,

I have changed books and have come across a text that says people donīt need an ID card in the UK.
We do need one here every time you do some red tape, you go out at night and  in so many other situations in which you have to identify yourself.
My question is...if thatīs right, how does it work there?

Thanks in advance,


27 May 2014      

Czech Republic


Strange to imagine that, isn īt it.. we have IDs as well ;-)

27 May 2014     


In Australia we donīt have National ID cards either and we are not required to carry ID unlike in many other countries.
Photo ID is often required for legal issues and people usually provide a driverīs licence.  Alternatives are a passport and  a Proof of Age card available for young adults who donīt have a driverīs licence (they usually use it to get entry into night clubs).  A Drivers Licence is the most common form of ID. For government matters, a Medicare card (issued for the National Health system) often suffices. Each individual who has ever worked also has a unique number for taxation purposes but this is not used for general ID.
The ID card concept  was proposed some 15 years back, and resurfaces from time to time, but at this stage there is no ID card.

27 May 2014     

United Kingdom

It īs about the same in England. If the police have your fingerprints on file they can tell on the spot. But if they don īt and you give a false name they can check other things like electoral role linked with address. But if you committed no crime and had no prints on file i guess they would take you word on the name you give.

27 May 2014     


Thank you soooo much!!!

27 May 2014