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Preview problem


Preview problem
Hi everyone,

I īm writing since I have a preview problem of my printable. It doesn īt look as it really is. It īs about different colours that you can see and is .docx document. It appears as if it was .doc document. I contacted Victor yesterday, but have no reply.

Could anybody help me with this? Has anyone had the similar problem recently?

1 Jun 2014      


I have the same problem. All my worksheets are in docx file and by the time I upload it to the web, in the preview appears all changed! I wrote an email two days ago but no answers yet :(
Can anyone help us with that? 

1 Jun 2014     


I think we are asking for help over and over again. I asked Victor so many times for different issues, but never had any reply. I īm really sad because of that, but he can īt probably reply to all of us.
Anyway, since some of us use .docx format and have similar problems, I hope we could have a reply soon. Maybe we should stick to .doc file until something is changed.

1 Jun 2014     


I see there is a problem with the colours. I don īt know why it happens. I īll have to investigate.

Eelucia, in your case I think it is a problem with the fonts. If you don īt use standard fonts (arial, times new roman, comic sans...) you have to embed them in your document. 

How to embed fonts: 

1 Jun 2014     


Thaaaanks Victor for replying so fast! And to add something more, some of the members opened it in Open Office and my document was without text, only pictures. So there are probably some issues with .docx files.

Wish you all the best!

1 Jun 2014