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Anglais Euro


Anglais Euro
Hello French colleagues!
I hope you are enjoying the long weekend:)
I wonder if you could help me please.... we have more candidates than usual for Anglais Euro in 4eme next year.
I ´m looking for a fair (but not time consuming)way to make a selection....it won ´t be possible to do inteviews!ideas
Looking forward to your ideas and inspiration,

Thanks a lot,


9 Jun 2014      


Hello Esther,
I face your problem every year! So, in order to have a fair way to select them, I use a system of points. I take into account their marks in English and their English teacher ´s opinion,their marks in the other subjects (to see if they are able to cope with extra hours), their headteacher ´s opinion and their behaviour. 
Hope it helps....
Have a nice sunny Monday OFF

9 Jun 2014     


Hello Esther,
Maybe they could write an application letter, so that you can see how good they are and - above all- how motivated they are. Anyway, a fair system doesn ´t really exist I guess... We can ´t help being biased, unfortunately. I like Murielle ´s idea of counting points, though. Hope you ´ll find the best solution.
Good luck!

9 Jun 2014     


Well we ask our admnistration to give us  the list of all the candidates  with  all their marks and"moyennes péréquées"in a  grading  (with all their marks of the year in all the subjects)from the best  to the poorest. Then  all the English teachers of 5eme  meet and we  take 29 pupils . Generally we all agree that the first will be good candidates because their marks  show their motivation , it is only for 4or5 puplis that we need more time to decide. hope it helps!:)

10 Jun 2014