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ESL forum > Teaching material > Looking for web-pages with movies with English subtitles    

Looking for web-pages with movies with English subtitles


Looking for web-pages with movies with English subtitles
Hi, everybody!!! :) I need your help! My adult classes LOVE to watch movies with English subtitles but I can īt find any good site with lots of movies and subtitles...It īd be better if the webpages are for free!!! Do you know any sources???? Thank you a lot in advance!!!! Regards! Big smile

22 Aug 2014      

Peter Hardy

My adult students love subtitles, too, but often films and docos from YouTube don īt have subtitles, although you could search specifically for material with subtitles. Instead, I tell my SS that people don īt speak with subtitles, and that they have to learn to listen. Having said this, I know there are websites where you can get subtitles, but the web address escaped me. You īll have to do a google search :-( My colleague used it, with mixed success as the synchronisation was very lousy. When you play DVDs instead of downloaded clips, you will definitely have subtitles, not? Hope this answer is of some help. Cheers, Peter

24 Aug 2014     



24 Aug 2014