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ESL forum > Ask for help > Need help from our NATIVE SPEAKERS mates.    

Need help from our NATIVE SPEAKERS mates.

Nina Duarte

Need help from our NATIVE SPEAKERS mates.
Would someone help me giving the opposites for the following words?


Thanks in advance for your time!

13 Sep 2014      

United Kingdom

My word! That ´s not so easy, Nina. I ´ll have a go.

Wish - if a noun, in the Harry Potter/Aladdin sense, then curse. In another sense, disinclination. If a verb, as in ´I wish you would listen ´, then I can only think of ´I don ´t want. ´ 

Feel - This is difficult. I can only think of using ´not ´. If it was ´feeling ´, that would be easier! Numbness, or something like that...

Realize - in the psychological sense - not aware e.g. I realise you know about my past. I ´m not aware you know about my past. Realise as in to come to understand, then misunderstand
Realize in the more practical sense i.e. to bring about, then fail, or abandon. e.g. the project was realised. The project failed or the project was abandoned. 

Hope - noun - despair. e.g. She is full of hope - she is full of despair.
In a different sense - Impossibility
As a verb e.g. I hope you come, I can only think of don ´t want

Friend - enemy/foe (a bit old-fashioned). Another possibility is rival, but it ´snot quite opposite. 
Scared - fearless, or confident.   
Believe - obviously, disbelieve.  Also, mistrust, 

I ´ll give this some more thought and hopefully you ´ll get more answers from other members!

13 Sep 2014     

Nina Duarte

Thanks a bunch Lynne! The information provided from you is really helpful. God Bless you.

13 Sep 2014     


If it ´s not too late for you...
I would also suggest ´dread ´ as an antonym for hope and wish as verbs:

I hope that she will go home.
I wish that she would go home.

I dread her going home.

So it ´s thinking about something that might happen in the future, but with negative feelings not positive.

All the best,

14 Sep 2014