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help with books


help with books
Hello to all
I was wondering if any of you might have a suggestion for me...I have this new student for a private lesson (about 12-13 years old). he has never been formally taught English before; his knowledge is at best a smuttering of what he īs picked up form school (english teaching in Greek schools is not exactly...stellar).

So, he īs a false beginner, technically, but none of the books for false beginners that I know of are appropriate for his age. Since we īre on a tight schedule ( we want this kid to be able to sit a B2 level exam in just two and a half years) I can īt use a normal coursebook for Senior class. Any sugestions of a book that I could use? Something exciting and fun for teenagers, but condensed, that cover a lot of ground in little time?

*sighs* I know what I īm asking for is difficult. It reminds me of that old joke, where that woman wanted shoes that were big on the inside, and small on the outside.....

Help a drowning woman, here, somebody. Anybody? 

13 Sep 2014      

United Kingdom

Have a look here , the timesaver books are quite good.


13 Sep 2014     


Hello viccxx:

you may find these links useful:


hope this helps.

13 Sep 2014     


How about forgetting text books and structure your lessons around the amazing worksheets from this site. You could pick a particular grammar point (use the table of contents from any false beginner book) and then search for a worksheet here under the 12-13 and above age groups. I do this all the time as I find the work available here is often far superior to text books.

13 Sep 2014     


I would work following  my own  syllabus rather than a  textbook. 
I think it would be the quickest and most effective way to  get where you want in the time you have.

13 Sep 2014     


 True, creating my own syllabus would be the best, and using various worksheets too. But I simply do not have the time to do that...Timesaver books are a really good idea (thank you
!) and I īve worked with the scholastic series before (thank you ascincoquinas!)

I think I īll end up using a combination of both...Books with resources and worksheets.

Thank you for the help, all of you!

14 Sep 2014     


Why not find a decent course book aimed at teenagers (e.g. Inspiration series), choose the most appropriate level and then supplement and skip where needed? This would save time preparing every lesson, and give you more flexibility and sense of progress. Also, authentic listening at this level would be included, so make sure to get the audio.

14 Sep 2014