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Can we say ..?

Saudi Arabia

Can we say ..?

Can you tell me if these sentences are correct :

she graduated with a degree in English language 

she worked as a teacher in a small school??

She wants to get a master degree??

She is working in a big school ?

She wants to complete her study ?

Thank you :)

14 Sep 2014      


She graduated with a degree in English. 

14 Sep 2014     

[email protected]

First sentence ´language ´ is not required.
2nd sentence is fine.
3rd sentence ´Master ´ should have an ´s ´. = Masters
4th sentence is fine.
5th sentence ´study ´ should read ´studies ´ )3rd person agreement)

14 Sep 2014     


Hi, I would like to know how do you say in English "the student who is in charge of the class" Can anybody translate into english this? El delegado de la clase o el encargado de la clase. Could it be "the master or the leader in the class or the teacher ...?

15 Sep 2014     


Hi... here is my answer to Pretty3  ´s question..
She graduated with a degree in English.

*If the following sentences are questions, the auxiliary verbs comes first and you don ´t need to change the main verbs 

Did she work as a teacher in a small school?

Does she want to get a master ´s degree?

Is she working in a big school?

Does she want to complete her studies ?

Have a good day!!

15 Sep 2014     


Remember that Master ´s degree needs an apostrophe. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master%27s_degree

15 Sep 2014     

Saudi Arabia

Thank you :)

15 Sep 2014