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Games for Halloween Party


Games for Halloween Party
Hi, dear people!!! I īm kind of concerned... as you know Halloween is next month...and the headmistress of the school I work for, ( a private English school) is starting with all the planning for the Halloween party. Last year, the party was awesome...in each classroom we had prepared different games and the kids loved it... we had a DJ, everything was perfect...but this year we have more kids at school, that īs why we need to have more games...I īd be easier just īgoogle ī for games...but I need some practical ideas from those of you who have already had Halloween parties at school...In Argentina, Halloween is not a very important celebration, that īs why I īm asking for help!!! All suggestions will be more than welcomed!!! Thank you!!! 
Best wishes!!!! Smile

25 Sep 2014      


I always use the game "Put the face on the Pumpkin" and the kids just love it! You must have 2 big pumpkins made of construction paper on the board and for each one you have one or several sets of eyes, noses, mouths and ears.  Make two teams and the first one in each team comes to the front and you blindfold him/her. Then the student must put the face on the pumpkin, trying to put the parts of the face on the right place. Of course, being blindfolded, it īs not that easy, and you get lots of funny faces. The kids laugh and laugh with this. You can then compare the two pumpkin faces and decide which one is the best and give a point. Or you can just play for fun :)

The game "Bobbing for Apples" is also typical, but I īve never tried it. The disadvantage is that the kids get wet... ;) 

Other ideas: http://familyfitness.about.com/od/seasonalsportsandfun/tp/halloween_games.htm (here you can find an alternative for Bobbing for Apples, nr. 2 - Snap Apple).

Good luck!

25 Sep 2014     


Here are some fun ideas:

Pumpkin bowling:  use minigourds as balls and plastic bowling pins.
Mask making
Pin the wart on the witch
A variation on the bobbing for apples as it gets messy is doughnut bobbing:  suspend doughnuts from the ceiling with string
Eyeball toss:  toss plastic eyeballs into cups or plastic eyecube trays
Spiderweb room
Guess the body part:  spaghetti for intestines, pear halves for hearts, etc
Mummy wrap
Halloween Bingo
Pumpkin Golf:  create the course with guords guiding the way
Halloween trivia:  insert trivia question into balloon;  students pop balloon with dart and answer question
Fortune telling room

of course pumpkin carving.  I wouldn īt recommend doing this as an activity in a class as it takes too long.  Best to do this the day before and then display the pumpkins in a darkened room.  Kids can vote on the best pumpkin

All of these activities we have done successfully for the past several years with adults.  They also loved it.

25 Sep 2014     


Thank you!!!! I really appreciate your answers!!!! Big smile

26 Sep 2014