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ESL forum > Ask for help > problems with a French speaking student    

problems with a French speaking student


problems with a French speaking student
one of my student has just arrived from Nigeria, a part from his native language, he can only speak French , I can speak French, too, but I woud like to give him some resources to get into both languages (his English is still 0 level)... can anyone help me? thanks so so much!!! ;-)

25 Sep 2014      


Hi Maddalena,

My name is Jen. I am Canadian from Quebec with a French father and British mother. One thing you can do is tell him that the grammar in English is not so strict (for speaking). Many of our words come from the same place so guessing the meaning is OK. What does the word mean in French? What do you think it might mean in English? Mostly, they are very close. I suggest (depending on the age) Sesame Street - an American PBS TV show that is all about teaching English in an easy, understandable way and fun! (another thing that is common in Eng and Fr teaching). Find some links he can use and enjoy and you will find his Eng lang ability will improve quickly. Another good site, though it costs money, is EdHelper.Com. Good reading and reading comprehension. Reading aloud is a great way to have  Ss practice the words. Cheers :)

26 Sep 2014     

Peter Hardy

How old is he/she? At all levels Jarklay is right. Half of the English words are French. But as my French is very rusty, une question: Is the verb structure in French not too different from English? But I may be confused with my native Dutch. If that īs the case, teach short sentences. As a youngster he/she may like the Web, there īs a sites www.englishspeak.com that explain in several native languages and let you practice and listen (!) to the 1000 most used sentences and 1500 most used words. I made hard copies for my adult SS. Works wonders with them. Cheers, Peter.

26 Sep 2014     


Hi Maddalena,

One of my students just arrived from Nigeria as well and I am surprised to know that your student doesn īt speak English as mine told me that English is their official language. And he īs got more trouble with French than English in which he īs fluent. I guess it depends on the region they come from.

Anyway you might find resources that could help you on websites dedicated to French as a second language... Cheers.

26 Sep 2014     


thanks for your kind answers...some details about the situation.  my student is 15, I checked about his nationality and he is from Guinea (it seemed strange to me too dear stefemma), anyway I īll try to follow your advice ... HAVE A NICE DAY/EVENING/WHATEVER ;-) YOU ALL!!!!

26 Sep 2014