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Help for circle games


Help for circle games
Can anybody help me find some circle games for preschool and primary children like "who stole the cookie, a tisket,..." where they have to learn a sentence? Or simply other circle games you find interesting to learn english. Thanks a lot and have a nice week!

29 Sep 2014      

Czech Republic

Here are some circle games. They are explained on the topic of fruit and vegetables,of course you can use them for every topic.
Change Your Seat
Children sit in a circle. One child is in the middle. He/she says a sentence about what he/she likes or dislikes eating. For example: “I like apples.” All children, for whom the sentence is true, it means who also like apples, must change their seats. The child who was in the middle tries to sit down too. The pupil who hasn´t got a chair must go to the middle now and say another sentence: “I don´t like lemons”, etc.

Fruit Basket
The activity is very similar to the previous one. Children also sit in the circle and each child chooses a fruit or vegetables name. One child is in the middle. He/she calls out two or more of the fruit words and these children must change places. If he/she says: “Fruit basket”, all children must change their seats.

Each child chooses one fruit or vegetable card and fixes it on his/her clothes. One child is in the middle of the circle holding a towel. The teacher starts and calls out one of the words. The pupil with the towel runs fast to the child that was called out and tries to slap him/her with the towel. If he succeeds, this child gets the towel now. But he/she can save himself/herself by calling out another fruit before he/she is slapped. In this case the game goes on until someone else is slapped.

Hatchi Patchi

Children sit on their chairs and one child goes to the corridor and thinks of the questions connected with food, he/she is going to ask. Meanwhile the teacher goes and secretly touches one or two pupils´ heads. Children have their eyes closed. Those who were chosen are now “hatchi patchi.” Then the pupil comes from the corridor and asks questions about pupils´ likes and dislikes and they answer the questions. When he asks the “hatchi patchi”, he/she doesn´t answer and only says: “hatchi patchi”. This is the signal for the rest of the class to change their places. Who hasn´t got a chair in the end has to go to the corridor and ask the questions in the next round.

29 Sep 2014     


Very useful! Thank you, Martina.

29 Sep 2014     

United States

Hatschi patschi was always a favorite. I had to use only at the end of class because the students liked it too much and didn ´t want to stop!

Another game is pass the parcel. You wrap candy in layers until you have several layers. (Wrap one piece, then add another piece and wrap both together, then add another piece and wrap the first two with the third, and so on). The students pass the parcel from one to the other while singing this song to the melody of Taler Taler Du Muss Wandern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iT1MVpIgqA

Package package you must wander
From one student to the other.
Oh how nice! Oh how  nice! 
The package stops at _student ´s name_. 

Whomever gets the package, opens a layer and  takes the candy. Repeat until all the layers have been opened. Then pass out candy to everyone in class so no one is left out. If parents don ´t approve of using candy, small trinkets (school supplies like pencils, erasers etc. may be used).

29 Sep 2014     


Thank you. It ´s great!

30 Sep 2014