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download problem


download problem
Hi all it ´s my first download but I don ´t see where I can actually find the worksheet I downloaded? Will it be emailed to me? Thanks. Deb

9 Oct 2014      


You have to  go to the bottom of the forum on the right , tick on new contributions of the day and you have to search after online  ex, powerpoint   to find printables and there you will see your  ws among others, you will get your points tomorrow. If you click under your name you will see it in my printables. Hope it helps, cheers, Sylvie!Wink

9 Oct 2014     


Hello, deboespo:

If you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers, press Ctrl + J to open the Downloads page.

Lilli. :)

9 Oct 2014     


first let me welcome you! and tell you that when you get 30 points you ´ll be able to download 30 documents from the new contribution section http://www.eslprintables.com/recentcontributions.asp
so upload more of your own contributions - be careful to follow the rules so you won ´t risk getting them reported/deleted - and then you ´ll have dozens of new contributions to choose from every single day!
take care!

9 Oct 2014     


As far as I understand, you have downloaded a WS. It will appear in your Downloads Folder if you selected this for downloads in general.
Or just follow the advice lillizen gave you.
Hope I could help.

9 Oct 2014     

United States

Normally when I download something a screen appears that asks if I want to save the file or open it-if I open  it I have to manually save it in my word processor (MS Word for example). If I choose save, I usually tell it where to save to (the default folder can be different depending on your own computers configuration settings).

9 Oct 2014     


Sorry guys my message wasn ´t clear. I ´ve downloaded someone else ´s worksheet (to get my students to review ´like and don ´t like ´). I ´ve checked my computer to see if it ´s been downloaded on my Mac but there ´s nothing in my ´downloads ´. I ´ve tried clicking on the worksheet again (on Eslprintables) but I get a message telling me that I only had 1 point and therefore was only allowed 1 download. 
(I ´ve now got 3 points as other (kind) people have downloaded my ws :) 
But still wondering where the ws I downloaded is… 
Maybe a tech issue? Thanks again everyone. Deb

points: 3
downloads: 1

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9 Oct 2014     


I don ´t use Mac so not sure where they save to but my windows machine has a default setting to save .doc .ppt etc to [my documents]. but .exe , .gif etc save to [downloads] folder.  so maybe worth checking to see if you have it in a document type folder if they even exist on mac. good luck

9 Oct 2014     

Hong Kong

Check your Safari settings. On the Safari drop down menu, click ´preferences ´ - there you ´ll see which folder the files you download are saved to.

10 Oct 2014     


Thanks everyone. I did check my downloads folder but there was nothing there. The download just didn ´t work but they took off one point anyway. 
I ´ve now downloaded another worksheet and it ´s been saved in my ´downloads ´ on my Mac. Unfortunately I doubleclicked and I got 2 points taken off instead of one for the same worksheet. 
This site is wonderful but the technical side could do with some improvement. Is there an email address I could send feedback to? 

10 Oct 2014     


How do you know it´s a technical issue?  It could be a user issue?  After all, with only one uploaded contribution worth 4 points (of which I gave you one so as to give you another point) you really don´t have sufficient experience to determine what the actual issue is. That´s like a student teacher on day 1 of his first practicum advising an experienced teacher on how to improve her teaching program.
I highly recommend that you contribute a bit more before you start to recommend improvements.  Get some experience under your belt, so to speak (i.e. more points). Plus, once you start contributing more and amass points from those contributions, those ´technical issues´ as you refer to them, will seem minor because you won´t be scrabbling and scraping for points. You´ll have more points than you will know what to do with.
There is nothing wrong with the site.  Regularly contributing members rarely have ´technical issues´ and when they do they don´t make a fuss about losing one or two points. There´s more to life than points and the easy solution is to upload some quality worksheets to get the ball rolling.

11 Oct 2014     

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