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Help with worksheet


Help with worksheet
Hi to you all geeks!!
I ve been desperately trying to understand why the words in my latest worksheet won t appear, I tried to change the font  again and again and to reupload it several times even today I tried to sent other versions , deleting them after seeing that it is to no avail . I would like to know what the problem may be as I wish  to use the template I spent some time to create for other topics Geek Thanks in advance to all computer nerds . Cheers SylvieSmile

9 Oct 2014      

United States

What I did was go through to each box (autoshape) where the words belong and then under "format autoshape" changed the fill color to "no color".

9 Oct 2014     


I had the same problem with my last worksheet. A kind member of this great website downloaded it and managed to find what was wrong. She just had to change the colours to get it all right. Now, the problem is that people can t see what s written before they download your worksheet. So maybe if you just change the colour before sending your worksheet it will work.
Hope it helps....
Have a nice evening

9 Oct 2014     


What I tried is that I underlined each word on my doc and confirmed  it as BLACK and apparently it works, I will update it tomorrow early morning as , If I do it now it will take hours to be available. Thanks for your tips Douglas and Mfraczek. Computers !!!!!!!!!!DisapproveSylvie

9 Oct 2014