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ESL forum > Ask for help > subject verb agreement    

subject verb agreement


subject verb agreement
Hello, fellow teachers, I have one more question and I hope that you will help me as always. I ´d like to know about the rule of subject verb agreement that leads to the use of ´is ´ and not ´are ´ in the sentence, ´This is my mum and dad. ´ Thanks a lot.

24 Oct 2014      

United States

this is singular, in my opinion you could also use "these are" (I know this is not really the answer you are looking for, but it came to mind).

25 Oct 2014     


this is my mum and [this is] my dad
´this is ´ understood

that is my understanding and i am a native speaker

also there is the mistaken use of naming a group and using singular - eg Liverpool is..... referring to the football team. when i speak of Liverpool in that context, the picture in my mind is of eleven players, so i say Liverpool + 3rd person plural. i don ´t worry to much about grammar rules [you may notice a lack of capital letters] but, of course, that is easy for native speakers. good luck!

bac frere

25 Oct 2014     


Can I generalize the rule by saying that compound subjects joined by and and preceded by the verb take a singular verb, like "There ´s a book and a pen on the table"?

25 Oct 2014     


I always tell my students to look at the first person/object after "there". Is it one - then use the singular "is". If it´s two or more/plural use "are".

25 Oct 2014     


Thank you very much.

26 Oct 2014