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Is it correct?
We hardly did expect the forthcoming danger.

30 Oct 2014      

maryse peyé

We hardly expected the forthcoming danger. ´We did hardly expect the forthcoming danger´ is an emphasis, in other words ´We were actually not prepared to face such a danger´. The auxiliary is not used in the ordinary form.

30 Oct 2014     



I would write:

"Hardly did we expect the forthcoming danger".

When starting a sentence with an adverb like hardly, never, seldom...(usually to give emphasis) we turn the sentence into a question, without the question mark.

Hope it helps

30 Oct 2014     

United States

Inverted word order for a declarative sentence is correct, but sounds literary. We might use it in speaking if telling a story, but only because it sounds literary.

Maryse is correct.


30 Oct 2014