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ESL forum > Ask for help > must or have to    

must or have to


must or have to
What do you say? You must save water. or You have to save water. ( there s a sign with the words : Save Water!! 

31 Oct 2014      

United Kingdom

I think both are fine. If someone is telling you this info, giving you the instruction, they might say, You must save water! . However, if you read this and interpret it and relay it to someone else, you would say, You have to save water. Or We should save water. Or We are supposed to save water.  

1 Nov 2014     


You have to save water = the underlying meaning is that it s the law or that someone else is telling you to do it
You must save water = the obligation comes from you, you are telling yourself that it s important and you know that it s important (no one is imposing anything on you)

I must do my homework (= i know it s important if i want to improve my grades etc...)
I have to do my homework (=my teacher/parents will punish me if I don t, but i don t really know why it s important that I do it, i just do it because i was told to do it...


but both sentences are fine :)

1 Nov 2014     


Thanks, a lot!!!

2 Nov 2014