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ESL forum > Ask for help > Hi, what do you say in these cases?    

Hi, what do you say in these cases?

Korea, South

Hi, what do you say in these cases?
1. When you read sentence with (    )s,
    for example,  " The earth (            ) round the sun."
     do you say"the earth blank round the sun"
    or "the earth X round the sun?"
2. When you say the word with ____  such as ┤L I ____ N ┤ 
    do you say  " L I blank N" , "L I X N or "L I underline N?"
I wonder is there any casual term for them.  ┬┤blank┬┤ sounds formal.
I ┤m waiting for your help. Thank you always.

31 Oct 2014      


I would say "blank" or sometimes I make a "beep" noise like the swear word censor on the TV!

1 Nov 2014     


I would say: "dotted line" or "blank space"

1 Nov 2014     

United States

Blank in both cases

1 Nov 2014     

Korea, South

Thank you all.
We say " Pyong Pyong" that originated from TV game show.

1 Nov 2014     


I am with FrauSue on this, to draw attention to the fact that they need to fill in the blank, I will make a buzzing sound or sometimes say "something something" in their mother tongue so it stands out from the English in the rest of the sentence.
The Earth משהו משהו the sun.
(In my groups there will always be those who think that ┤blank ┤ is the verb and that the Earth just blanks the sun ☺ If I ┤m lucky they ┤ll wonder why I said ┤blank ┤ instead of ┤blanks ┤☺)
I suppose your Pyong Pyong serves the same function, ttuffl.

2 Nov 2014     

United States

I think using "something" in their native language is a good idea, for the reasons you gave.

2 Nov 2014     

United Kingdom

When doing this exercise out loud, like Frau Sue, I will say ┤beep. ┤

2 Nov 2014