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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Name-it Contest - November 16    

Name-it Contest - November 16

Nina Duarte

Name-it Contest - November 16
Hi folks! I have been living in China for a while and this is a very common accessory around here. Hope you have fun giving it a proper name. 

16 Nov 2014      


In Chinese itīs a KEYHEWA = keep your head above the water

保持 头以上 水 

P.S. Chinese members will certainly laugh their heads off when they see what I tried to figure out for: keep - head - above - water. I hope I didnīt do anything queer. No offense, I do apologize in advance...

16 Nov 2014     


Mayday! Mayday! Buoys in the sea!!!

16 Nov 2014     


Sorry guys. This is NOT the caption contest. This game is about inventing a NAME for the item you see.

16 Nov 2014     


exquisite orange water lilies, much more worthy than the white an pink ones.

16 Nov 2014     


Anti-wet blanket device (there are many people who are badly in need of it !!!)

16 Nov 2014     

United Kingdom

It īs a flottilum-bab. The plural is flottila-bab. They keep babies afloat. 

16 Nov 2014     


it īs scary!

17 Nov 2014     

United States

I don īt really know.
a "swim ring" is the standard name for bigger ones; so I guess "a swim ring for babies ī necks" or "a floating head ring" --I am sure there is no one name for it--you wil have to describe it in as few words as possible.
 Other (bizarre) options: "baby neck ring", "neck floatie", ??

17 Nov 2014     

Peter Hardy

Depending on how much these kids pee, I figured it īs called water. Or was it cold water???

17 Nov 2014