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Please tell me what is right in this sentence:
Treat me .........  ( as/ like) a good friend.

1 Dec 2014      


like think..


Treat Your Husband Like Your Best Friend..etc

1 Dec 2014     


Treat me like a good friend.

Normally, like is a preposition while as is conjunction.

However there are cases when as is used in preposition,
this is usually when we mean the occupation, function or quality of something.
He works as a lawyer.
The news came as a big surprise.

1 Dec 2014     


like is used to compare one person to another: e.g. She looks like her sister.
as is frequently used with this expression:  e.g. She acts as if she was mad.
as is a conjunction followed by a subordinate clause with subject/ predicate: e.g. She drives as she cooks: terrible!
as is also used to define a function or job: e.g. She works as a bus driver..

1 Dec 2014     

United States

I would say, She drives LIKE she cooks because "drives AS she cooks"  could mean she drives while (at the same time as) she is cooking. 
She watches TV as she does homework is a similar sentence that shows 2 simultaneous acts.
One could say, "She drives as badly as she cooks." 

1 Dec 2014