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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Why can īt I see any new contributions?    

Why can īt I see any new contributions?


Why can īt I see any new contributions?
Hello everyone!
I hope you have a good time either enjoying Christmas holidays or just having another productive day!
I need to ask you if you also encounter problems with the new contributions. It īs been two days now that I can īt see anything new uploaded. Is this a common problem?
Thank you for your answers.

26 Dec 2014      

Russian Federation

I have the same problem.

26 Dec 2014     


with the same problem too for a couple of days

26 Dec 2014     


Because there have been no new contributions - as simple as that :) I īve been trying to upload new worksheets for the past couple of days but no luck yet. Hope the issue will be resolved soon. 

26 Dec 2014     

United Kingdom

I assume it īs because it īs Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

26 Dec 2014     


Obviously it is a system glitch that Victor will have to fix.

26 Dec 2014     


Lynne, darling, what happened to you (I mean judging by your ava)? Had one too many;)))

26 Dec 2014     

United Kingdom

Hi Sophia - isn īt it a scream? It is from a ppt from a member on here. He or she gave such an introduction to the famous superhero Barry Turbo. Like a fool, I started searching the net, wondering how I had missed out on this character. Of course, there is no such superhero, but in the meantime, I had grown quite fond of the little fellow!

27 Dec 2014