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school contest for english learners


school contest for english learners
Dear colleagues,
I want to make a competition  between my pupils. I have six classes (3 levels).
I want to motivate them through  this contest  but I have no idea about the tasks that I should include.
so if you have made any equivalent project...please share us your experience.
I ´ll appreciate your comments.

27 Dec 2014      

Czech Republic

How about a project competition? You can divide your students in groups and give them a topic and let them make some posters and then present them.

27 Dec 2014     


Maybe you can design a Web Quest, divide your pupils in groups and each group has to compete to to the best work.

27 Dec 2014     


What about a webquest ? I remember doing something like that with the topic of suggestions, invitations and all that stuff . I divided each class in two groups , the first one playing  the role of the positive people , always proposing, giving ideas and the second group were the wet blankets, always declining . They had  to find out how to make suggestions, invitations , how to accept and refuse them . Everything put into practice with a roleplay designed by themselves. It was very funny , indeed!!! Hope it helps

27 Dec 2014     


Maybe you can divide each class into groups and you give them work to do and the best group will compete the best ones in other classes until you will have one winner at the end of the competition. You can give them the following projects:
1- Playing the role of the tourist guide through making a video about the main places to visit.
2- Describing their town through a leaflet and also providing a video.
And all the projects must be presented orally in front of the other groups in order to create interaction between them. That is to say, each group will ask as much as questions to the other group.

27 Dec 2014     


Divide them in teams. The project can be called "Say No!" and it can be about bullying.
  1. They can get photos of themselves acting like bullies, victims, by standers
  2. . They can create posters, videos, present songs. (you can watch after 8:27 for the bullying presentation)
  3. They can create their own ppts
  4. You can have a lesson before asking them to work on it.

Ask other students to attend the presentations and vote for the best one.

 Stop bullying!
Greetings from Greece,

27 Dec 2014     

Russian Federation

I have made some kind of Christmas web quest 
1st task is questions about Christmas History
2nd task is about christmas in different cities. ss should guess the city 
3rd task is guessing christmas songs and films  
4th task is matching countries and traditions 

They got the links to tasks in certain time and had just 1 or 2 days to do the task

You can do something like that

28 Dec 2014     


Thanks a lot for these brilliant ideas....

29 Dec 2014