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Specially vs Especially


Specially vs Especially
Good evening everyone,
I have looked but could not find a ws about the differences between especially and specially. I know the difference, kind of Embarrassed, but find it rather difficult to explain to students, especially without examples... or should it be specially?? Hum I īd go for especially, huh?
Greetings from Portugal

18 Feb 2009      

United States

Hi there Portugal!
Let me take a stab at your question...Hmmm.
"Specially" usually precedes a past participle being used as an adjective, to communicate "for a specific reason, purpose or person".  For example:
1.  These ashtrays are specially used for Cuban cigars.  Don īt stub out your crummy cigarettes in them!
2.  This dessert was specially made for your birthday.  I hope you enjoy it.
3.  That living room was specially designed for Britney Spears.
On the other hand,
"Especially" usually precedes an adjective or adverb to intensify it or emphasize it, as in "very".  For example:
1.  She is being especially friendly to him.  I wonder what she wants from him?
2.  You are dressed especially well this morning.  Do you have an interview?
3.  I got an especially bad haircut last weekend.  I won īt be going back to that salon any time soon.
Hope this helps!
Your American friend, zoemorosini

18 Feb 2009     


Great explanation zoemorosini. I have already asked that on the forum but this is one of the clearest answer I have read

18 Feb 2009     


Thank you!!!!

18 Feb 2009     


Dear zoemorosini,
Thank you so much! Great explanation and the examples are really clear and will help a lot in class :)
Greetings from sunny Portugal (sunny... at least around here Cool)

18 Feb 2009     

United States

Nice explanation.

18 Feb 2009     


thanks, zoe! a very clear explanation!

18 Feb 2009