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Copied and Pasted


Copied and Pasted
I īm surprised because, among the recent contributions,  I have seen many worksheet based on copying and pasting from the Net.
Some of the  members who did it are eager to download worksheets from here. But my question is why they don īt do it on the Net if they are used to copy and paste. They may want to download from here because they have very nice, ready to use, worksheets available and not mere copies like the ones they have uploaded.
haven īt they read the rules? In case they haven īt and are reading this post, here is the main part and the link:

Please remember:

You cannot send printables taken from other websites or publications. They must be your own creations.

If your contribution is a copy from other website or from a book your account in ESLprintables will be cancelled.

So to mantain the health of the site and to respect the feeling of those who work hard to make a worksheet, please, delete those worksheets and begin doing your own!!!

18 Feb 2009      


Our Cow Sheriff has detected these "copy and paste" from another web page:
Today īs contributions:
You can get them for free here:

18 Feb 2009     


Recently I have reported four worksheets all using the same printable from www.coloring.ws or www.dltk-kids.com Yesterday while searching for a good printable on the home I came across two printables with over 200 downloads each all with this picture of a house http://www.coloring.ws/t.asp?b=m&t=http://www.coloring.ws/cbn/cbnhouse.gif So not only is no-one bothering to create printables but just copy and paste from other websites but at least four I know of have all used this picture. Hopefully they will be banned as soon as possible. Many people on this site spend a lot of time preparing printables and then someone comes along and with a simple cut and paste have a printable with over 200 downloads. Maybe it īs time to name and shame seeing that people are not getting the message that this should be your own work.

18 Feb 2009