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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Use of the semi-colon    

Use of the semi-colon

United Kingdom

Use of the semi-colon
A literacy guru is intending to present a ppt on the use of the semicolon to all our students. He has spelled it like this ´Semi Colon. ´ I have googled it and as far as I can see, it ´s one word ´semicolon ´ or ´semi-colon. ´  Also, these are two of his examples.
´At a picnic we went on, Sara carried the hamper; Dad carried the drinks; Mum carried the tablecloth; and I carried everything else! ´ 
´Jim ´s favourite subject is Art; Jan ´s is Maths with Miss Smith; and Lily ´s is English. ´
I think on the first one, a comma after tablecloth would read better, or even a full stop - or a comma and then ´while I carried everything else. ´  
On the second one, I think commas would do nicely and that this exercise will just confuse the students. Am I fussing over nothing?  

10 Jan 2015      


Hi Lynne,
You are absolutely right.
 In my opinion, semicolons are there to avoid confusion especially when there is no coordinating conjuction between two independent clauses. Coordinating conjunctions like and, but, or, nor, so, yet do not need a semicolon. For further clarification, here is a link that might interest you.
(BTW, I ´ve never heard of a "Semi Colon".)
Enjoy your evening.

10 Jan 2015     

United Kingdom

Absolutely, Ingrid! Thank you for this. I will go and see this guru. He is my line manager, he he!!!
In case he ´s reading this, my name is not Lynne .

10 Jan 2015     

United States

I would replace all of those Semi Colons with commas, since there is no ambiguity.

10 Jan 2015     

United Kingdom

"In case he ´s reading this, my name is not Lynne ;) "

11 Jan 2015