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poor level of education


poor level of education
hey everybody. i need your help if you don īt mind. i teach english to beginners but the syllabus assigned to them, according to me, doesn īt meet their abilities and skills. they received very poor education. in addition, they come from rural areas where no internet or libraries are available. i decided to give them an extra-english course to review or may be teach again some basic lessons. i don īt know where to start!! would you mind helping me if you have or know useful review worksheets?

15 Jan 2015      

Czech Republic

Hello! How old are your children and how long have they been learning English?

15 Jan 2015     

Peter Hardy

A syllabus is a descriptive outline and summary of topics that are to be covered in an education or training course. You can use that to teach all levels and abilities. More important is the curriculum. A curriculum is the set of courses, and their content, offered at a school or university. Having said that, you still have the same problem on what to do. Martina īs question is one to answer first, though: what age group, which level and so on. And than you can do a search on this site (top of the home-page). I could send you to my contributions, but that īs agains the rules, so I have to advice to see A, B or C  or many of the others (No names here, as I don īt want to offend anyone :-)  I īm sure you īll find what you need. Cheers, Peter

15 Jan 2015