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teaching with comics

Vanessa G L

teaching with comics

good morning!

some of you have suggested some pages to create your own comics. However, does somebody know where to find already done comics to teach basic grammar points such as present , to be, have got, past, some/any, etc?

19 Feb 2009      


Hi, Vanessa. Have a look at this post http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=1044, it may be useful.
Anyway, sometimes, the best thing is look for comics you know. I like " Calvin and Hobbes", and there are a lot of cartoons you can use, but you have to do a little research.
Sometimes I use The Far Side ( even though they don īt use many words) or Mafalda ( in English, which is strange enough), Garfield...

19 Feb 2009     



Its a program but it īs in Portuguese (from Brasil)

19 Feb 2009     


http://www.archiecomics.com/index.html - comics online

with basic grammar I think it īs quite difficult to find.
If you do  it yourself it īs easier.

19 Feb 2009     


Yes, I also use some archie comics...not all my teens like them but they did get them curious and reading I Love English magazines.Smile

14 May 2009