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ESL forum > Ask for help > Elision homophones and linking pairs    

Elision homophones and linking pairs

United Kingdom

Elision homophones and linking pairs
Hi People!
I ´m trying to do some pronunciation games based on pairs where one of the consonants is missing from one of the homophone pairs. So far I have the following:
facts   fax
prints   prince
patients    patience
 I ´m also going to try and mix in some two word expressions with their linking word homophones. All I have at the moment is:
Ice cream      I scream
Any ideas?

13 Feb 2015      


whole / hole
ad / add
bloc/ block
but/ butt

What´s Naomi Watts doing?

 Bildergebnis für funny sentences with homophones
Bildergebnis für funny sentences with homophones
And this is just to entertain you, Dale. Have a look here.

13 Feb 2015     

United States

I would like to show you my new horse.
Eye wood like two show ewe my knew hoarse. 

13 Feb 2015     


plaintive plaintiff
muscle mussel
higher hire
weather whether
alter altar
symbol cymbal
capitol capital
chilly chili
patience patients
bury berry
pedal peddle
allowed aloud
assent ascent
hanger hangar
manor manner
bizarre bazaar
carol carrel
carat carrot
forth fourth
bolder boulder
coral choral
sealing ceiling
flower flour
seller cellar
bridal bridle

13 Feb 2015     


Here are some more phrases that sound the same and 88 groups of three or more English homonyms, listed in alphabetical order.

  • A politician ´s fate often hangs in a [delicate / delegate] balance.
  • Any [grey day / grade A] would be bad news for one professor I know.
  • I don ´t know how [mature / much your] people enjoy such a show.
  • I have [known oceans / no notions] that you yourself couldn ´t imagine.
  • If you listen you can hear the [night rain / night train].
  • I ´m taking [a nice / an ice] cold shower.
  • Reading in the library is sometimes [allowed / aloud].
  • That ´s the [biggest hurdle / biggest turtle] I ´ve ever seen!
  • [White shoes: / Why choose] the trademark of Pat Boone?
  • You ´d be surprised to see a [mint spy / mince pie] in your bank.
  • The good can decay many ways.
    The good candy came anyways.
  • The stuffy nose can lead to problems.
    The stuff he knows can lead to problems.
  • Some others I´ve seen.
    Some mothers I´ve seen.

And here´s a ppt with puns.

Greetings from Athens,

13 Feb 2015     

United States

These are fun, papadeli, but some of them sound similar but not quite the same. Those that aren ´t quite homophones are:


night rain/night train
 biggest hurdle/biggest turtle
 white shoes/why shoes
 can decay many ways/candy came anyways
some others/some mothers
Again, they do sound very similar, but not quite the same.

13 Feb 2015     

United States

be  bee

horse hoarse

week weak
very vary
soul sole
scene seen
heal heel
whether weather
naught knot
ball bawl
wring ring
need knead
knows nose
yolk yoke
flee flea
plain plane
maze maize
wail whale
eye I
hale hail
they ´re there their
stairs stares
sew so 
paws pause
chilly chili
hi high
bury berry
hour our
pail pale
clothes close
rose rows
papadeli´s sites have a lot of these and more. Fun! :-)

13 Feb 2015     


I ´ll ask her. -->Alaska (Southern British accent)

14 Feb 2015     

United Kingdom

Not forgetting:
mints    mince

tents    tense  
Thanks people, most of them I ´ve used before but a few of them are going into the next set of cards. I really appreciate it.
Yay! Smile

14 Feb 2015     

United Kingdom

Isiah.  I ´s higher. ;-)
Bruce, you are such a stickler :-))) 
Dale - are you going to share the cards? 

14 Feb 2015     

United Kingdom

And don ´t forget ´eggcorns ´ (old-timer ´s disease for Alzheimer ´s disease etc).They ´re almost like near- homophones, and there ´s a whole database of ´em here:

14 Feb 2015     

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