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ESL forum > Ask for help > Ideas how to use "Wreck This Journal "    

Ideas how to use "Wreck This Journal "


Ideas how to use "Wreck This Journal "
Dear Friends .
My students are crazy about the book "Wreck This Journal" .They have it in their native language ,Portuguese . So I ´d like to use it in an  English project .So, I ´d like some suggestion how to use the book and how to produce worksheets. If you have any idea I ´d appreciate . 
Thanks in advance.

20 Feb 2015      

maryse peyé

You can ask your students to introduce the characters physically, morally.
You can make them summarize each chapter then the general plot.
You can focus on the chronology of the main facts, their causes and their conséquences.
You can ask the students to express their feelings explaining why they like or dislike one element, one character... And if they dislike something what they would change.
You can ask them to imagine a following episode.
You can ask them to translate easy extracts to introduce the book to foreign penpals (in a blog for example).
Let them imagine they were asked to give their opinion as a literary critic by a Publisher.
They may imagine how to promote the book (posters, on tv, on radio...)
They might be asked to prepare a lecture about the book and have to perfectly imagine the questions that the public could ask.
Here are some ideas.

20 Feb 2015     


Dear Maryse,

Thanks a lot for your reply but it seems that you ever seen Wreck This Journal . There is no characters, no chapters , no chronology facts , no general plot . It is a journal and the reader is the one who chooses the sequence to follow.

The suggestion you gave about how to promote the book using posters could be useful for 5th grades since they have few vocabulary and they should use images a lot , thanks and the lecture one could be ok for the 8th and 9th grade to work on genre dialog and interview .

I’m still waiting for more suggestion on how to use activities with grammar inside the journal.


21 Feb 2015