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ESL forum > Ask for help > Do you tweet or IG?    

Do you tweet or IG?


Do you tweet or IG?
I was wondering if any teachers out there use either Twitter or Instagram to engage their students.
If so, do you use your personal account or one set up only for teaching? Do you give tweeting homework or ask students to write a story in English with an IG photo they posted?
Anyway, I am just scratching the surface of social media to see if it could be implemented in a useful way. I am a bit of a social media noob myself (I am not even on FB), but have sent my first tweet today (@philiproeland). I have a semi-dormant Instagram account as well (instagram.com/philiproeland). 
I īve no idea if you īre supposed to reply to this mail or tweet feedback :-p 

4 Mar 2015      


I prefer Instagram than twitter since you can attract them more with pictures. sadly i do not have an account since its not allowed in my school, but i like checking out other accounts. this might help if you like more info; http://techlearning.com/default.aspx?tabid=100&entryid=7363

5 Mar 2015     


On my Facebook account I have created a group only for my students. There I post topics for their final exam (BAC- 12th grade) and they share their answers or we discuss different other topics. They know that I don īt give them grades for their answers and we only do so to improve their English. The basic rule is to use only English not Romanian. I also post useful information on grammar/ vocabulary/ other.

5 Mar 2015     

United Kingdom

Hi Philip! Twitter is a wonderful (but extremely underutilised) place for practising your English (or French or Japanese or whatever). I tweet vocab, tips, quizzes, news articles and I try to encourage my students to engage with other English learners on Twitter. I īm forever saying that you don īt always have to have a native speaker around to practise your English.
And for teachers it īs a superb outlet for creativity, having to fit your message into 140 characters!
See you there! 

5 Mar 2015