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ESL forum > Teaching material > Class book recommendation for little ones?    

Class book recommendation for little ones?


Class book recommendation for little ones?
Hello Everybody,
I teach a boy who finds it really difficult to lear English language, he is 9 years old, and I m looking for a class book that is not too challenging for him,  so he can flow and learn step by step. I need to go really slowly with him.
Which one would you recommend me?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Have a nice Saturday. 

8 Mar 2015      

United States

Does anyone have experience with the Happy Street series published by Oxford University Press? It looks quite nice, but I have not used it and therefore cannot recommend it based on personal experience.

8 Mar 2015     


Happy Street would be a great choice. I am using it with my 9 year old learners. It s engaging and fun. Besides it integrates all 4 skills.

8 Mar 2015     

alien boy

If you get an Oxford Teachers Club Account (it s free), then you can access some information & learning support documents for many OUP products.



9 Mar 2015     


Get smart 1,2,3 awesome!!

9 Mar 2015     



9 Mar 2015     

Russian Federation

I recommend chatterbox

9 Mar 2015     


I love Happy House and Happy Street  : )

BTW, Alenka has lots of nice extra resources for Happy series here and on her site.

9 Mar 2015     


Chatterbox is good, although it is old. I can t get new copies here in Argentina. Another good book is Backpack. It allows you to teacher each student at his/her own pace and it is adaptable for quicker students (you just add a lot of your own activities and expand on the different speakin and projects included in the book). Chit chat is good also, but it has a comic story through the whole book that could complicate things. Maybe you could skip it.
Hope that helps you out. I am currently using  Backpack and Chit chat, and I use chatterbox constantly for activities, so let me know if I can help you out.
Where are you in Argentina?

10 Mar 2015     


Thanks, Melissa! I m in Buenos AIres. Have you got the PDF of Backpack and Chit Chat to send it to me?

13 Mar 2015     


I used Happy House 1 and 2 and love it very much and students love it too. In my opinion it s better than my little island .
I have chit chat 1 Pdf

13 Mar 2015