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Be going to"


Be going to"
Hi everyone!
Please, would you mind helping me with this structure:
Can we say "Are not you going to take your medicine?" or "Are you not going to take your medicine?".
Thanks in advance.

24 Mar 2015      


aren t you going..?

24 Mar 2015     

maryse pey

The 1st one is incorrect. Interro-negative form is "Aren t you going to take your medicine ? You need to make the contraction auxiliary-negation.
The 2nd one is correct but the meaning is not the same. ARE YOU is affirmative here and the negation is linked with GOING TO making understand that the person does not intend to takie the medicine.
So the 1st one means : I think that you are going to take your médicine, aren t you ? In other words : am I wrong ?
The 2nd one means : Don t tell me you don t want to take your medicine ! or Don t tell me uou are decided not to take your medicine !
Is my explanation answering your question ?

24 Mar 2015     

United Kingdom

Yes, it s Are you not going to take your medicine?

24 Mar 2015     


Thank you so much for the explanation. I really appreciate it.

24 Mar 2015