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ESL forum > Ask for help > Help with this phrase about shapes    

Help with this phrase about shapes


Help with this phrase about shapes
I want to say that something has the shape of a rectangular prism. Sts are describing a robot: Its head is cube-shaped and its arms are cylindrical. Its body is ...  What is the adjective for rectangular prism?

25 Mar 2015      

United States

I think most people would call it a box or box-shaped.



25 Mar 2015     


After checking Google images, it looks to be just rectangular.

26 Mar 2015     

United States

  I like Bruce s suggestion, box-shaped the best.  As Sweeves mentions, robot builders  also use the term rectangular according to the results in this link http://goo.gl/8Y7q11
Example:  "Rectangular hexapods have arectangular body and two groups of three legs..."

26 Mar 2015     

Mr. Howl
United Kingdom

There s also the term cuboidal,  which literally means shaped like a cuboid (rectangular prism), but which isn t commonly used in general language.
As the above posters said, box-shaped or rectangular are what people would normally say. 

26 Mar 2015     


I would say rectangular box-shaped. I am a native English speaker and that is the first thing that comes to my mind. The second is shoe-box shaped.
Hope I helped you out.

26 Mar 2015