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User friendly classes


User friendly classes
Dear Teachers, and Monitors,
I have been glad that others have been able to use my classes that I sent in. I wanted to know if they are  editable. I can edit them myself, but I am not sure that the teachers who download them can.
After I start using them myself I notice a few mistakes, but by that time most people who use them have already downloaded them, and I feel bad if they are not able to make corrections if they are needed. I have downloaded other peoples material and some of the worksheets  I wasn īt able to correct which made it a little difficult for me to use.
It there a command on Word that I can use to make sure my classes are correctable? I would like them to be as user friendly as possible.
Thanks sooo much for your help!

16 Apr 2015      

Peter Hardy

As long as your worksheets are in made with Word, they are editable. (I noticed you didn īt make any PowerPoints, but the same goes for them.)  Sadly, some people make worksheets with other programs, which turn the text into a picture. These are, annoyingly, un-editable. I use those for my students to discover the mistakes, and some I simply throw out.  

Cheers, Peter
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16 Apr 2015