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Help with an essay topic


Help with an essay topic
Dear American Friends,
My son has an assignment to write about a famous American historical figure and what impact he/she had on contemporary American society and popular culture. Would you please give me a hint about whom he should write and what influence he/she had on today ´s society? Many thanks in advance.
Hugs, Edit 

20 Apr 2015      


Hi there!
As someone who loves history, I would suggest:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, J.F.K, General Patton, Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks.
Two of them because they fought for human rights (Rosa Parks and Martin L. King), Roosevelt for his role - as a president during WWII - Patton for his leadership and huge impact during the WWII and JFK - also for his role as a president of The US.
Hope this helps.

@ edit: not sure if American citizens agree...just my opinion.

20 Apr 2015     


Also Abraham Lincoln-
He freed the slaves...(Some) People thought it was moral to have slaves before that (as in "Huckleberry Finn")
Good day

20 Apr 2015     

United States

I would choose Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison. Their inventions, innovations, and discoveries paved the way for modern conveniences.

20 Apr 2015