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ESL forum > Ask for help > Help about episode sentence - How I met your mother    

Help about episode sentence - How I met your mother


Help about episode sentence - How I met your mother
 Can anybody help me understand the highlighted part? thanks in advance.
Barney: Wait, you ´re gonna slap me on Thanksgiving? Marshall: Slapsgiving. Barney: That ´s not allowed. Lily, you ´re the slap bet commissioner, is that allowed? Lily: The hostess in me who ´s using her wedding china for the first time wants to say hell, no, but yeah, I ´m going to allow it.
How I met your mother season 3 episode 9
Minutes: 3:39

20 May 2015      

United States

I have a feeling that you are just a tiny  bit off from understanding this, and I can clear it up easily for you.

Thanksgiving Day is a big celebration in the US, centered around a huge meal. People usually use the "good china" for this dinner. So, Lily is saying that she is acting as hostess for the meal, and using the china (dishes) that she received as a wedding gift, for the first time. If you are bothered by "The hostess in me", it is referring to the fact that we are all a number of people on the inside, so "the hostess" is manifesting herself in this situation.

I hope that ´s clear enough.

20 May 2015     


Perfect man, there couldn ´t be a better explanation!

20 May 2015