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ESL forum > Ask for help > Doubt on some and any - please help me    

Doubt on some and any - please help me


Doubt on some and any - please help me
Hello, I am confused...
Which is the correct question???
- Would you like any money?
- Would you loke some money?
--- In my opinion, when I use would together with like, it classifies an offer, so ... I should use some, but... 

21 May 2015      

United States

Both are correct, but their meanings aren ´t quite the same.

In questions, the difference between "some" and "any" is in whether you expect a positive or negative answer.

Would you like some money?      This anticipates a positive answer.
Would you like any money?         This anticipates a negative answer, or the asker doesn´t know what to expect.
Do we have (some) pickles?   anticipates a positive answer.
Do we have any pickles?   anticipates a negative answer.
Can I get you something to drink?    (probably yes)
Can I get you anything to drink?       (probably no)
Oh, and I would like some money, please. 

21 May 2015     


Thank you

22 May 2015