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Pronounced e at the end ....


Pronounced e at the end ....
Hi dear friends 
   i need a list of the words that have pronounced e at the end  like { recipe ......
best regards  

21 May 2015      


Well, this is not a list; just two that sprung to mind:
Also the plural of latin words  ending in "a"
eg. amoebae 

22 May 2015     


 Found these on internet.

Words with a bit of foreignisms.


Japanese: karate

Spanish: coyote, adobe, abalone, guacamole, machete, tamale, apache

French: cliche, resume, café, saute, forte, passe, protege,canape, toupee, touche, Renee, Rene

Italian: provolone

Greek: hyperbole, epitome, acme, sesame, catastrophe, apostrophe, syncope, apocope, Aphrodite, Nike, Penelope, Calliope, Terpsichore, Gethsemane, Persephone, Tempe

Latin: anemone, simile, recipe, acne, agave, extempore


22 May 2015