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Incorporated Videos in powerpoints


Incorporated Videos in powerpoints
Hello all,
I īve made a lovely powerpoint using parts of Tweety cartoon films. The ppt was too large so I had to break it down to files of less than 3MB.
I tried to upload it yesterday, and now I see that the 6th slide, which includes the video excerpt, is not there. Believing I had accidentally left it out, I tried to re-upload it a some time ago. Again, only the 1st 5 slides are included. The file īs size is 1,009KB, so it īs not that it is too big. 
I was wondering that maybe it is not possible to upload powerpoints including videos.
Your lights please! 

27 May 2015      

Peter Hardy

What you want to do is called īembedding ī. It has been discussed here before, so you may try a forum search: on the homepage, click on forum first, than type the keywords embed video and click on search. Easy peasy. Alternatively you could check http://www.ehow.com/how_2086664_embed-youtube-videos-powerpoint-presentations.html

Cheers, Peter 

28 May 2015     


Thanks for your reply, Peter.
I īve read the link you posted. However, this is not what I need to do. :(
I have the videos saved on my pc. Then, I edit/cut them in parts to fit the theory and practice I need for my powerpoint. I don īt want to use the youtube link ones because it links to the whole original video and not the edited one I have made. I have already embedded the parts I need in my powerpoint. They work fine on my pc in class.
I have even emailed them, or facebook sent them, to other people and it works fine on their pc īs. It īs just that when I upload them here, the video slides are cut off. To be precise, the powerpoint I tried to upload was 7 slided, while the one that we can see here 
is 5-slided. 
Also, I īve been trying to click on forum in our homepage, but I can īt find the link :(
When I click on "concerning powerpoints" link, there is no search frame, so I can īt type any keywords. :(
snif snif, help please! 

28 May 2015     

United States

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