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ESL forum > Ask for help > how to get acquainted with students at the first lesson    

how to get acquainted with students at the first lesson

Russian Federation

how to get acquainted with students at the first lesson
Hi! Perhaps you have some ideas of how to organize the first lesson with pupils whom you don t know yet (hpw to get acquainted with the) in an interesting way? Students age is 12-13 y.o. + their level of the language skills is pre-intermediate (or intermediate, not higher).
Thanks beforehand!!!  

10 Jul 2015      

United Kingdom

Some nice ideas here:

11 Jul 2015     


Good for you - planning 2 months in advance :)

13 Jul 2015     


Prepare a ppt. Put a photo of yourself and and some numbers indicating something important for you.
Like; 2, 2007, 13, 4, etc. let them guess;
You have got 2 children. You graduated from university in 2007. etc. give the correct answers after yu get enugh of guesses
If the students also don t know each you could try "Find someone who...."

13 Jul 2015     


Have them interview each other with questions and have them introduce each other (using the work sheet of questions) to the class. Then, expand into a Q&A about that one student (the one being introduced) from the others.
I have an easy list of questions I always use.  It works great.   Here it is:

14 Jul 2015