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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Grammar map of the USA    

Grammar map of the USA

United Kingdom

Grammar map of the USA
There was a thread on here a few weeks ago about the diversity of non-standard English. This is a map of speech in the USA by Yale uni. Fantastic piece of work!

21 Aug 2015      

United States

Thank you for sharing, Lynne.!

21 Aug 2015     

United Kingdom

Good to see this again, Lynne. My favourite is the Appalachian, "They ain t no moonshiners here now. Ain t nobody makes it.

– a fine example of multiple subjects, negative inversion and negative concord (I m resisting the temptation to add "Yeeehah!").

22 Aug 2015     

United Kingdom

@ Alex: Mmm, but no, you never resisted no temptation to say Yeehah . ;-) 
What I would like to know is whether anything similar has been done for UK speech and where I would find out?  
My favourite is kids (of Pakistani origin insofar as I know) who use be s - I don t know how you d write it actually - , for a kind of constant present tense as in, He be s late, Miss, meaning he is always late or oh, he s late again, of course . I think they have a similar construction in Spanish to differentiate between a state and a one-off action. Interesting. 

22 Aug 2015     


Hi Lynne,
Here s something about the UK dialects but the focus is on phonetics. 

23 Aug 2015