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I īm not sure if the Powers-That-Be or moderators or whatever read these much. But since this is our only way to contact them, here goes:
Just my thought -- It sure would be nice if there was a drop-down choice to search specifically for games.  "Activity card" doesn īt really do it, as you get other things mixed in. I find that I have to schlog through tons of stuff trying to sniff out games.
If anybody has any suggestions for finding such with the parameters we currently have, I īd welcome any you have.
Peace to all :-)

3 Sep 2015      

United States

Hi, Dee,

First, Victor īs e-mail address link is on the left side of the forum. Just scroll down, and you can contact him directly.

Second, I just entered "game" into the Contents space at the top of the forum, and lots of games came up, so I don īt understand what you īre having trouble with.

3 Sep 2015     


Thanks, Bruce! Will try that.  Thought my choices were limited to PPT, Activity Cards, Lesson Plans, Etc --- and that if I put in "games" it would give me games within the parameters of the other. Don īt want to have to look for games in each individually. 
But I īll give it a shot. Thanks for answering!

16 Sep 2015