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I dont understand


I dont understand
I can ´t download the printables, even though I made a contribution today.
¿Why is that?

3 Sep 2015      


Me too..
wanna help 

3 Sep 2015     


If you read the rules of this site you will see that you get a point for every time someone downloads your sheet.
You will get these points the next day.
In your case, if you uploaded a contribution today, you will get the points tomorrow. 
This means you can start to download tomorrow (provided someone downloaded your contribution.
"If all else fails, read the instructions" ☺ 

3 Sep 2015     

United States

Tuan Le I did not see any printable on your account.

3 Sep 2015     

maryse peyé

As written in the rules you need 30 points to be allowed to start downloading.
Keep on uploading your own worksheets to make interested teachers download your documents. As soon as you have reached 30 points (registered on your account) you can download.
The rules are clear on that point and simply explained by the webmaster. So it is useless worrying if you follow these rules.
This site is a site of SHARING. You have to give some documents and if the members download them you will be able to benefit of the documents you need faster than you think.
Just a sharing site with very simple (and very logical) rules.
Welcome on a very very very friendly site if you are ok with our rules.

3 Sep 2015     


edited to clarify

@maryse peye
You are correct in saying that you need 30 points to start downloading for free from the recent contributions. That is an enormous gift from this site. in no time you can stock up on hundreds of wonderful worksheets. 
But one doesn´t need to wait until one gets 30 points to start downloading.
As soon as you have even one point, you can use that point to download  any one worksheet you like.
Important to remember though, that you can only use the amount of points you have, no more, since the free recent contributions are "locked" to you unless you reach 30 points.

@ original poster
The rules are explained really clearly, I warmly recommend READING THE RULES before you ask superfluous questions

3 Sep 2015     

United States

How can I download from this site?

Make three worksheets of your own. Detailed worksheets get downloaded more often. Check out these contributors to see what I mean.

 Here is a link for templates to help you format your worksheets. Templates are free to download. 

Make sure your worksheets are 100% English, have no watermarked pictures, and are your own work.

Day 1: Upload your first worksheet.

Day 2: Upload your second worksheet. Check on your first worksheet as it should start acquiring points today.
Day 3: Upload your third worksheet. You should receive the points from your first worksheet today! Check on your second worksheet as it should start acquiring points today.
Day 4: You should receive the points from your second worksheet today! Check on your third worksheet as it should start acquiring points today.
Day 5: You should have received all of your points now. If you have acquired 30 points you will be able to download 30 worksheets free every day from all of the new contributions. You can access them on the right side of this message board where it says SHOW ALL NEW CONTRIBUTIONS.

It is good to keep at least 30 points in your account so you can continue to download the free worksheets. Also, when you have 30 points you are allowed to submit 3 new worksheets at a time instead of just one! Any points you earn over your 30 points you can “spend” on any of the other wonderful submissions on this website.

Alternatively, you can spend all of your points on older submissions but each download will subtract from your total points and you will have to submit more worksheets to get more points.

I hope my explanation helps you. Good luck and have fun!

4 Sep 2015