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ESL forum > Ask for help > british key stage 1 curriculum or syllabus    

british key stage 1 curriculum or syllabus


british key stage 1 curriculum or syllabus
Hello everyone,
I am a parent who lives in China. My son goes to a primary school but does not use the UK syllabus.
I would like to do some work with him at home to ensure he doesn īt miss out anything and could at least hopefully keep up with what he should be learning (when we go back to the UK)
Do you know any sites or do you have any resources you could recommend?
 Thank you so much and I really appreciate your valuable comment or help.
Thank you.

4 Sep 2015      

United States

I am unfamiliar with the terms used in education in the UK I did a search on "scope and sequence UK" and very little came up.
http://www.christian-education.org/christian-education/curriculum/ace-curriculum/scope-and-sequence/ is a Christian scope and sequence for level 1-7. It gave the objectives for each grade (level?) , but didn īt give examples. However maybe it could be a starting point for  a search for better material since it has a name for each skill to be mastered.?
When I searched on "UK curriculum" this site came up https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum It has frameworks and programmes of study by subject. Maybe some of the informationn will help you or direct you to what you need.

5 Sep 2015     

United Kingdom

Good for you, however, this is my advice. Get him a load of interesting age-appropriate reading books. Is he ready for Harry Potter? If he really isn īt going to take to fiction, get him interest books: biographies, sports books, comics ... If he becomes an avid reader, you can do no better than that. 

7 Sep 2015     


I am also in China. In Bejing. Are you near? 

7 Sep 2015