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ESL forum > Ask for help > What does the word "load" mean ?    

What does the word "load" mean ?

Saudi Arabia

What does the word "load" mean ?
  What does the word "load" in this sentence mean ?
 I’ve heard loads of nice things about it and I enjoy hiking.

I think there is a mistake in this sentence and it should be lots of instead of loads of !
Am I right ?
What do you think?

5 Sep 2015      

United Kingdom

There´s no mistake. It´s a common colloquialism with the same meaning as a lot of/lots of/plenty of etc.
Here´s a random selection of ´loads of´ hits from the British National Corpus:


5 Sep 2015     

United Kingdom

I would say ´loads of ´ is fairly standard usage. You might also see ´loadsa ´, but that is not standard. 
haven´t checked almaz´s link, but ´a load of´ is also fairly standard. 

6 Sep 2015     


We use ´heaps of ´ in the same way.
I found heaps of good ideas on that website.

6 Sep 2015     

United States

Hi Pretty3,

Maybe I can help!

Definition: load noun the amount or weight of something carried by a vehicle, a structure such as a bridge, or a person or animal: The truck had a load of bricks.

If you can think of a truck full of something such as bricks, watermelons, coal, or whatever, we say it has a load of those things. If it has a load of those things it must have A LOT of those things.

I am wishing you  loads of good wishes. Better yet, I am wishing you  many truck loads of good wishes!


6 Sep 2015