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ESL forum > Teaching material > Textbooks for absolute beginners-adults!    

Textbooks for absolute beginners-adults!


Textbooks for absolute beginners-adults!
So the title pretty much sums it up... I īve started working with a private student, he īs a college student.. and he īs an absolute beginner!
I īve been browsing the website for some worksheets and such, but i think it īde be really helpful to have  a textbook as a reference... mainly for the syllabus.
I intend to go by his university and look up both the program and maybe browse the materials they use or recommend (he wants to pass a placement exam as to start taking the english subjects... otherwise he has to pay for 2 extra courses that prepare him for the actual subject) but it īs not open yet!
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

24 Feb 2009      


Morning :)
 I use Essential grammar in use, Cambridge. It has audio tracks too. Divided in easy chapters, it starts with verb TO BE and, deppending on the evolution of the pupil, you can use the Intermediate Grammar in use.
 When a lessons ends, i use an easy text as a complement.
 Bye :)

24 Feb 2009     



If it helps, OUP has recently published New English File Beginner. You also have some online material witch is quite helpful and divided according to the lessons from the book.


Hope I was helpful!

24 Feb 2009     



I would highly recommend the New English file as suggested by Vana. Their books are interesting and varied, with grammer, speaking , listening and writing... And if you can get hold of the teacher īs book for yourself it has lots of great phototcopiable extra resources at the back.

good luck!!

24 Feb 2009     


I would highly recommend Elementary MARKET LEADER, though it is  business oriented, it has grammar, vocabulary listening / speaking and reading sections , there is also Elementray Business vocabulary in use
If you need something more general, try THE  LANGUGAE LEADER (Elementary) together with   Elementray vocabulary in use

24 Feb 2009     


Headway used to have a book called "starter" (not "elementary") It was absolutely useful for "true beginners". I really don īt know if that level exists in the New Headway series at present. If that is the case, I strongly recommend it!!

24 Feb 2009     


I īve been busy the past few days and almost forgot about this topic.
Thank you so much! i īll hit the stores as soon as possible!
Oh, and Brahim S, thanks for those business textbooks. I don īt need them right now, but I īm pretty sure I will have to use them sooner than later

1 Mar 2009