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word family


word family
…………………is a very attractive job nowadays. Plz tell me we have to use advertiser or advertising here. Thanks

18 Oct 2015      

United States

I ´d say Advertising if I had to choose.   ´Being an advertiser ´ would be a way to use ´advertiser, ´ but it isn ´t an option.

18 Oct 2015     

United Kingdom

There is a difference between a job, a career and an occupation or profession.
You can ´t say "Her job is teacher".
What is her profession/occupation? ---> She is a teacher
It is possible to say "What is her job?" ---> "She is a teacher" but not "Her job is teacher"
Advertising or teaching can be a career or a profession (it is what you are trained to do or have experience in doing), but I would not say it ´s a job. Some people won ´t agree. ;-) If you are a teacher (your occupation/profession) you can get a job, in a school (for example, teaching English to 3rd years), which you are (hopefully!) paid for. It ´s the difference between who you are and what you do.
Also "advertiser" is rarely used as a job title. Most often, it would be something like "advertising executive".
"Job" suggests the particular work, in a particular place, that (normally) one person does.
So I think the question is the problem. It sounds awkward, unless the answers included something like "Teaching in Vietnam".

18 Oct 2015