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ESL forum > Concerning powerpoints > Constant Errors when uploading powerpoints    

Constant Errors when uploading powerpoints

United States

Constant Errors when uploading powerpoints
I have a plethora of powerpoints I have made while working as a teacher in China.  I am trying to upload them but I am consistently getting error messages.  I am trying to share but the website won īt let me...   any suggestions?  They are all less than 3mb

30 Nov 2015      

United Kingdom

I love that word īplethora ī!
What is the file extension name for the files, what error messages are you getting, and is it possible it īs a firewall issue? Are you posting from China, or the USA?

1 Dec 2015     


Could you tell us what the error message says?
And a hint:
If you are uploading a file with  .pptx extension, try converting it into ppt and uploading again,
sometimes saving a file in the old format solves the issue.

1 Dec 2015     

United States

Seems to be working today.  I am doing the same exact thing as I was doing yesterday.  I wish they would up the limit on memory taken up for ppts.  I have made my own game templates for games for a bunch of different themese you can just plug pictures into to use in class.  My students really enjoy them.  Plus, I have many science ppts I could upload, but the 3 mb limit is so small.
Thanks for the suggestions m8 īs

2 Dec 2015     

United States

500 - Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Garghh, it is doing the same thing again.  I am posting over a vpn from China through... Maybe Japan or some other free nation right now.

2 Dec 2015     

United States

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