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help me


help me

If you want to look for a job, the first thing you should do is to ask your friends, family and former colleagues if they know any job (24) in your area of interest. You can also check the help-wanted section of your local newspaper. Trade magazines and smaller community newspapers often public job openings as well. Many websites post job opportunities. You can not only use websites (25) main purpose is to provide job listings, but also search the sites of professional associations in your field and sites of businesses you would like to work for. These sites often have a web page devoted (26) job openings. Much like a trade show, a job fair brings prospective employees together in one place. You can talk to representatives from several different companies all on the (27) day. Job fairs are often listed in the newspaper, in the job section. Look into job placement services in your area. They offer many services, including career counseling, (28) ...........to find job opening and a place where you can work. Otherwise, businesses specializing in job placement services are often listed in the phone box.


Question 24: A. centers B. places C. opportunities D. requirements

Question 25: A. which B. how C. when D. whose

Question 26: A. in B. on C. for D. to

Question 27: A. other B. different C. same D. good

Question 28: A. resources B. tendencies C. basis D. styles

I was wondering if you could help me to fill in the blank (28). I couldn ´t find the answer there

1 Dec 2015      


24. C. opportunities
25.  D. whose
26. D. to
27. C. same
28. A. resources 

1 Dec 2015     

United Kingdom

Hi đặng khánh linh,
28 A. resources
But the phrase afterwards ought to be either:
to find a job opening
to find job openings

1 Dec 2015     

United Kingdom

I also wonder if
job placement services are often listed in the phone box.
is a typo?
I guess you might find adverts like that in a phone box but the ones I have seen are not for job placement. Perhaps ´phone book ´ was intended? You don ´t actually see many phone boxes nowadays. I think most of my students would assume a phone box is the packaging your smartphone arrives in. :-)

1 Dec 2015     


Yes Tap, phone boxes are becoming as rare as hens teeth and the only ones we seem to see these days are in museums and Superman movies :)
I agree with you re phone book as these are still around in paper form as well as digital form.

2 Dec 2015