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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Grammar confusion    

Grammar confusion


Grammar confusion
Can you show the correct answer? I have some confusion.Please,show the resource grammar book to prove your answer.

The man is going to drown ____ nobody jumps into the river to save him.

A) in case     B) unless      C) so     D) that

10 Dec 2015      

United Kingdom

Ooh dear paroxod, it ´s going to take a better brain than mine to choose the right answer here! None of the choices make sense to me. What I would suggest is ´if ´. 
If you change the ´nobody ´ into ´somebody ´, then ´unless ´ would be the right answer.  

10 Dec 2015     


´in case ´ is correct answ ´er

10 Dec 2015     

United States

I agree 100% with cunliffe. All of the answers are wrong. As loan.hk points out, "in case" is the least objectionable, but a native speaker would never say that in this context.

10 Dec 2015     

United States

I agree with MoodyMoody. The best answer would be "if".

10 Dec 2015     


Xin loi, Em
It might be better to be sure before you offer help. "in case" is not correct and, as the others have said, the only correct version, "if", is not offered.
My ex-head of English at a prestigious school in Ha Noi was prone to teaching incorrect English - maybe a national trait? 

10 Dec 2015     

United Kingdom

@Frere - I agree that "in case" is not correct here, but I think it would be better to leave ´national traits ´ out of the discussion. We ´re all just people, not stereotypes, trying to get by and we all make mistakes and hope that people will be gentle with us when we do .
´In case ´ is often seen as a synonym for ´if ´ but in fact they are not always interchangeable. I have been wanting to do some work on this for a while because my students sometimes use it incorrectly too.
There ´s an article on the difference here and also here that might be useful. Cute guy teaching it in a video if that is more your thing.

11 Dec 2015