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Mix Questions

miss noor

Mix Questions
Hello every body
I have 2 questions :
1/ Whar is a rubric mean ?
2/ Do you use a group work or cooperative learning in teaching ?  and how ?

25 Feb 2009      

manonski (f)

A rubric is a grid to evaluate your students work. You can have a bunch of them at this site:
For your second question, yes I do use group work to evaluate oral competencies. I like to see the language in action among my students when I evaluate them. Also, I like to observe my students when they try to comprehend a text or a task with a partner or partners.

25 Feb 2009     


Hi Noor
Yes, a rubric assists you to assess where your students are at.  Many teaching institutions provide their teachers with rubrics for reporting purposes.  However, if you would like to design some rubrics yourself then try the link provided by manonski.  These are created by classroom teachers and you can access them.  Simply type keyword/s into the search field to find what you want e.g. ´english speaking ´.
International tests often publish their rubrics on their web site.  TOEFL, for example, provides fabulous rubrics for each of the macro skills.  Go to their site at www.ets.org and type ´rubric ´ into the search field.  Then select ´scoring guides ´.
Yes, I do use group learning - in fact I use it all the time becasue they learn so much from eachother.  At my institution we assess speaking in both monologues and dialogues.  With the latter we use role play and group discussions.  However the other macroskills are assessed on an individual basis because our students are studying to access mainstream post-secondary study as an intenational fully fee-paying student subject to strict visa requirements.

28 Feb 2009